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by Kaymark Store

Yemeni Handmade Bakhoor



This Yemeni Bakhoor was made at home with so much love. It is very traditional to have bakhoor in the house. For it is made fresh with the cooking method and sent to me whole. From which I chip and weigh by 40grams and 80 grams. Also, for the 80 grams, the white container is reusable, yay!!! The 80 grams comes with an extra lid, if you do decide to use it for cream products.

( I do hope to offer other gram sizes in the near future )

The aroma is of high quality, and would be a great gift for yourself, loved ones, family, or friend. It will surely have your hair, clothes, and home smelling lovely. It's great for Any and Every Occasion.

You are able to burn it on charcoal, electric burner, or wood, which ever you prefer. Also a small piece goes a long way. You can break/chip the amount you want to burn.

Ships SAME DAY IF NOT --> NEXT DAY !! Arrives Within 3-5 DAYS in the USA, Sundays Post Office is closed.

Returns are not acceptable, but same day cancelation is.

Shipping TO CANADA ( Outside Of USA ) will be $10-$13 US , Shipping times may Vary.

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